Finally after 30 years of gathering, compiling, creating, testing and vetting literally thousands of recipes Grandma Sue has put together her cook. It contains 14 sections with over 500 of the best of the best recipes for SundayDinner, Family Dinner, Barbecuing & Grilling, and of course Grandma Sue’s favorite section, Side Dishes. But wait yes there is more, much more because as much as Grandma Sue love’s “Side Dishes” she loves her “Sweet Cakes” Desserts even more! There’s 36 of the best cake recipes, including her famous Grandma Sue’s “Better Than Sex” Cake! Yes, need I say more. Ok, there is more. 12 Frostings, Glazes & Cake Fillings, 15 Cookies and 25 Brownie’s and Pan-Style Cookies, for a total of 88 recipes alone in the “Sweet Cakes” Desserts section.

If you’re concerned about healthy and nutritious meals, yes there are plenty of the best of the best entree’s for healthy eating in the Salad _MG_1616Garden Section as well as the Soups, Stews & Chilis, What’s for Breakfast section as well as the Sunday Dinner, Italian Station and Asian Cuisine section. Of course the Arizona Southwest section, which contains the recipes that made Grandma Sue’s and our family’s Southwest Mexican food famous. Including the Chili Rellenos Casserole, Debi’s Spanish Rice, Jenn’s Mexican Pizza and Sean’s Salsa. And for those times that you need a little comfort food or a lot, there are plenty like Jenn’s Chicken Pot Pie and Jenn’s Mac & Cheese both of which are Grandma Sue’s favorite. Grandma Sue says, the best “Mac and Cheese” does not come from a box.

_MG_3177-bThere are over 500 hundred recipes! Yes, she has cooked them all and more than once. These recipes are the best of the best from her 70 years of cooking experience.