You will notice in the Grandma Sue’s Love of Cooking Book that almost every recipe containing some form of Chocolate specifies Ghiardelli’s.  Years of experiencing in baking confections have taught me, there is a difference in chocolate.  The difference is in the taste.  Some brands of cocoa, for instance, leave a more powdery, chalky taste.  Whereas with Ghiardelli’s cocoa, the end result is much more pleasing to the palate.

Likewise, their bar chocolate is much more flavorful.  Another plus, is that the bar chocolate comes in several “flavors”, i.e, dark, medium, semi-sweet or mild.  Let your particular taste determine which % of cocoa you want to use for your frostings and cakes.

Another complimentary flavor for chocolate cakes, pies, etc. is coffee.  A perfect example is in “THE” CHOCOLATE CAKE recipe on page 172 of the Cookbook.  This uses as part of the “wet” ingredients a cup of strong hot coffee.  The cake is so moist and delicious, even to those who don’t drink coffee and don’t even think they like it.  This is one of my family’s favorite cakes and when asked what dessert to bring to a family dinner, this is the one most often requested.

My daughters and I recently traveled to San Francisco for a long weekend of fun and baseball.  I’m a real baseball fan which is genetically imprinted in me through my father.  Just love my Arizona Diamondbacks!  The second most important stop on our trip was to my favorite dessert place, Ghiardelli’s Square.  Just walking into their store and smelling the lovely chocolate aroma is a treat.

Happy and successful baking from Grandma Sue!