A couple of days ago I experienced my first taste of what FIVE MINUTES OF “FAME” was like.  I use the term very loosely as I can guarantee their will be no “FAME” for me from this experience.  My family is just teasing me about the experience using this term.  My daughter Julie called the producer of a show here in Utah called GOOD THINGS UTAH to ask them if they could feature our cooking book on the show and demonstrate a recipe from the book.  They got to back to her with a very big YES and a time was set up for me to come to the studio to tape.  I decided to bake my Dutch Apple Pie recipe from the Grandma Sue’s Love of Cooking book since it is rather unique and ALWAYS turns out perfect.

gsc-2015-applepie-001-2My son-in-law George has been videoing me often for different segments of this Blog so I went to the studio doing some of the “prep” work ahead of time knowing I would only have 5 minutes to tape.  However, I figured judging from my experiences with George that the tape would be cut DOWN to the 5 minutes if I ran over.  Not so.  Everything to them is live, even though its’ taped.  So, several steps of assembling the pie were left out of the video.  Luckily I had pre-baked the pie at home and took it to the studio just as it came out of the oven and the hostess of the show was able to “unveil” it live.

One good thing about only having the 5 minutes of taping was that I really didn’t even have time to get nervous.gsc-2015-applepie-001  It was almost over before it began.  I have to give a warm thank-you to all the people at Channel 4 for being so friendly and kind to me and making this “old broad” feel welcome.  Being behind any camera, whether it’s taking a still or moving picture, is definitely NOT in my comfort zone.